Mathematics is an important skill to acquire and is used by everyone, every day.  It has practical applications and can be studied for its own sake. At Portal House, we attempt to ensure that all pupils develop the knowledge and ability to acquire and utilise this life skill.

At KS3, the importance of Maths in the workplace, business, finance and for personal decision-making is highlighted.  Pupils continue to learn rules of arithmetic, and use mental and written methods.  They encounter algebra, equations, formulae and expressions.  Properties of 2D and 3D shapes are studied.  Pythagoras’ theorem, transformations, use of scale, surface areas and volume are included in the study of geometry and measures.  Pupils learn about statistics and handling data, too.  They present information and analyse this.  They learn about probabilities and apply these ideas.  ICT is used by both pupils and staff to support them.

At KS4, pupils work towards a GCSE in the subject.  At KS4 the study of Maths includes applying knowledge, skills and understanding to real problems and situations.  A range of methods are used in measures, number, geometry and statistics.  More demanding work in similar contexts enables them to work independently.

Preparing students for their exams involves careful planning and monitoring and there are opportunities to improve on their levels.

At Portal House, we aim to develop pupil’s confidence, when working with Maths topics.

We aim to ensure each pupil leaves Portal House with a Maths qualification, ready to equip them for later life.