Headteacher’s Welcome – Welcome to Portal House School

Values and Ethos

Portal House is a good school striving to provide outstanding education for students who have significant emotional, social and mental health needs.

The school site has recently undergone a multi-million redevelopment and now operates out of one fit for purpose modern building.

We are committed to raising student aspiration in order that they may achieve the highest levels of academic attainment and personal development, thus improving their life chances and overall welfare.

We seek to do this by providing an engaging and individualized curriculum, expert teaching, strong pastoral support, and a wide range of stimulating enrichment opportunities.

Core Aims

‘Raising standards, improving lives’

  1. To secure for students high levels of educational attainment through a rigorous focus on progress.
  2. To enable students to develop personal resilience and self-awareness.
  3. To improve students’ social skills and foster British values and citizenship.
  4. To improve students’ social and cultural awareness.
  5. To prepare students for life beyond Portal House School.
  6. To ensure that identified additional needs of students are met.
  7. To ensure that all students leave Portal House with high levels of literacy and numeracy.
  8. To work effectively with schools, professionals and the community in sharing our expertise and developing inclusive opportunities for students.
  9. To develop a highly skilled workforce.

2024 and Beyond

Our long term vision is to have the capacity and confidence to deliver high quality education to young people with SEND to improve their educational outcomes and access to social opportunities. We will achieve this by using our expertise and knowledge to develop well-planned, continuous academic, social and vocational streams of education, coupled with co-ordinated family support in ‘fit for purpose’ facilities. 

Mrs R Bradley

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