In Key Stage 3, PSHE is delivered through discreet lessons.  The following topics are studied:

Year 7   Smoking and Vaping, Families, Bullying or Banter, Aspiration, British Values, The importance of sleep, Puberty, Friends, Healthy Living, Stereotypes – disability, Racism, Needs and Wants.

Year 8   British values – tolerance, racism, xenophobia and extreme nationalism, Communication and Teamwork Skills, Consent, Domestic conflict and running away, Emotional literacy, self-awareness, Enterprise – entrepreneurs, Global Citizenship, Goal and target setting, Internet Safety – online grooming, LGBT – Homophobia, Personal safety and 1st aid, Prejudice and discrimination – teenagers, Love and relationships.

Year 9   Alcohol Awareness, Drugs and Law, Gambling, Growth Mind Set, LBGT, Money, Savings and Loans, Peer Pressure, Personal Development,  Self-Harm,  Internet Safety, Sexting, Stress, Sustainability.

The Sex Education element of PSHE is taught as part of the Science curriculum.

In KS4 – students complete a level 1 Btec in work skills and follow a careers related curriculum.  Click here for the Careers page.

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