The school has excellent facilities including a dedicated Computing teaching room.  All classrooms have access to  computer facilities and each is equipped with a projector and colour printer.

All workstations are networked, running Windows 10, Office 2019 and a wide variety of the latest software applications. Every machine has access to the internet, which is filtered and audited.

Computing in the Curriculum

All students in Years 7 – 9 have lessons in Computing. In KS3 these develop and extend their basic skills and increase their understanding of the appropriate uses of computers.

Computing is also to be embedded in our enrichment programme and available for any student to undertake should they choose to.


Students will cover a vast range of both Computing and traditional ICT applications during their compulsory Computing lessons. They will use the full Microsoft Office suite and their Google equivalents, whilst also undertaking work using the Adobe suite of graphics and media applications. They will be introduced to web based tools such as Photopea, Canva, Google Sites and WordPress. Computing concepts and programming techniques will be delivered using both Scratch and Python.


In year 10 and 11 we currently offer the Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia course. This course is a hybrid of an ICT and Media Studies course which is both engaging and challenging. Students will undertake an exam that accounts for 40% of the overall mark, whilst 60% of the marks are generated from 2 pieces of controlled assessment that involve creating digital graphics and an interactive multimedia product.

Although it is not timetabled we can also deliver the OCR GCSE Computer Science course to those students who show a particular aptitude of Computer Science.

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