Home/School Liaison

Parents as Partners

The School values the contributions that parents have to make and acknowledges the need for parents and the School to work closely together.

Parents are welcome to contact or visit the School at any time, particularly if they have any worries or concerns about their children.

Home/School Liaison Procedures

The School liaises with parents on a day to day basis.  Daily liaison covers a range of issues, e.g. attendance, medical matters, transport arrangements and the reporting of significant incidents – either at school or at home.

If your child is ill at home then it may be better to allow him time to recover, before returning him to school. Please contact the school, either by telephone or letter, advising us of any reasons for absences your child may have.

Children who become ill whilst at School will be looked after until we can contact parents/carers and arrange for them to come home.

Each pupil receives a weekly report, written by his form tutor, which outlines progress made in lessons, behavior, major achievements and any concerns.  These weekly reports go home with the pupil every Friday.

In addition to the above, the School holds an Annual Review for each child and arranges a ‘traditional’ Parents Evening during the Spring Term.  Annual School Reports are sent home to all parents towards the end of the Summer Term.  At the end of the Summer Term there is a Sports Day, which provides an opportunity for staff, parents and pupils to meet in a less formal setting.


The school provides all items of equipment needed for lessons.