Staff List

Headteacher Mrs R Bradley
Assistant Head, Pastoral Lead Mr S Donnelly
Assistant Head, Curriculum Lead Mr D Hill
SENCO & Lead DSL Mr D Long
Maths Subject Leader Mr D Heaps
Maths Teachers Mr S O’Brien, Miss G Newcombe
English Subject Leader Mrs H Daniel
English Teachers Mrs S MacArthur
Science Subject Leader Miss C Lavers
Science Teacher Miss A Clarke
Art & Design Subject Leader Ms M Craggs
Art & Design Teacher Miss S Carter
Cooking Subject Leader Mrs H Rowarth
Geography Subject Leader Mr K Renihan (NEU union rep, 2 day allocation)
ICT Subject Leader Mr D Phillips
PE & Enrichment Subject Leader Mr P Bulteel
Public Services Subject Leader Miss R Fagg
R.E, PHSRE & Careers Subject Leader  Mr J McClure (NEU union rep, 2 day allocation)
Logistics Manager and Exam Officer Mr D Morgan
Inclusion Support Mrs K Crossland
Inclusion Support Mrs B Phillips
School Counsellor Mrs J Petri
Class Based TA- 7P Mrs J Calway
Class Based TA- 7H Miss J Cooke, Mrs R McDonald
Class Based TA- 8P Mr C Bradford, Mr D Jenkins
Class Based TA- 8H Miss V Stirland
Class Based TA- 9P Miss R Stephens, Miss K Goldsmith
Class Based TA- 9H Miss V Ives, Mrs M Arthur, Mrs L Smith, Miss L Eakins
Class Based TA- 10P Miss E Gore
Class Based TA- 10H Miss K Dobson
Class Based TA- 10S  
Class Based TA- 11P  Miss M Weir
Class Based TA- 11H Miss M Hennebery, Mr T Malpass
1:1 Support TA Miss C Hamilton, Mrs E Miller
SENCo Assistant Mrs J Undewood
Chef Manager Mr K Warriner
Kitchen Assistant Mrs K Lydon
School Secretary Mrs V Clewlow
Finance Manager Mrs L Lever
Caretaker/Site Manager Mr J Doble
Cleaners Mrs E Sutcliffe, Miss C Andrews, Mrs K Lydon, Mr K Lawrence

(Portal House School does not have any employees earning a salary of over £100,000).