Religious Education & Collective Worship


The school has excellent Religious Education facilities with a dedicated R.E. teaching room and full time specialist member of staff.  We follow the recently updated Kent Agreed Syllabus (2017-2022).

The department uses a wide range of artefacts, DVDs and textbooks and is supported fully by ICT in the classroom.

R.E. in the Curriculum

In  KS3, years 7 and 8 pupils are taught R.E. once a week.  In year 9 this is increased to three lessons over a fortnight.  In years 7-9 the foundations are laid in the study of six major religions and world views represented in the UK.  These religions are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Hinduism and the worldview of Humanism.   At the end of year 9 we will begin some of the GCSE studies.

These foundation years lead to the study of Religious Studies GCSE Short Course or Full Course in KS4 years 10-11.  Again, there are three lessons a fortnight available for this.  We are now in the second year of a new and vigorous GCSE course from the examining body EDUQAS – Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the Modern World.  This comprises three components – Philosophy and Ethical Studies in Christianity, a discrete study of Christianity and a discrete study of another world faith – Sikhism.  The course is examined with three exams at the end of the two years of study.

Religious Education is statutory and a vital part of a pupil’s education.  Many of our pupils go on to college to study courses for work within the service industry, for example and this course gives them a good insight into the different people they will meet in the world of work.

Collective Worship

Two whole school assemblies are held every week.  The assembly on a Monday morning focuses on current and religious issues likely to affect us as a whole school.  Many of these assemblies have a religious influence and in the main that influence will be Christian.  Our Friday Praise Assembly celebrates being a successful school together and celebrates awards won that week.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education and Collective Worship only after discussion with the Head Teacher and the Subject Coordinator.  Due to the statutory nature of the subject, alternative religious education of a suitable nature must be provided by the parents for their child during the RE curriculum time.  It should not be seen as time to catch up with other lessons.

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