Praise, Rewards and Sanctions

At Portal House, we recognise praise and reward good work and appropriate behaviour.  We operate a Whole School Behaviour Management Scheme, whereby pupils are rewarded points for “getting it right”.  They are awarded points for consistently achieving their personal IEP (Individual Education Plan) targets/provision plan targets and following the six school rules.  Pupils are monitored and awarded points throughout the day.  Each week points are totalled and during our Friday Praise Assembly, pupils are presented with a certificate in recognition of their points' achievement.  Pupils who achieve the ‘Gold’ target number of points are invited to ‘Gold Time’ from 10.20 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. on Friday mornings.  They also qualify for an extra break on Friday morning.

Pupils who consistently achieve excellent points, feel ready to be self monitoring and are self-motivated to achieve, are awarded Senior Status.

The school does all it can to focus upon the things that pupils do well, but sometimes, for whatever reason, a pupil will disobey school rules.  There are always consequences to actions.  All the usual school sanctions apply with regard to individual needs and circumstances.

Our school rules are accepted by all and recognise that we all have individual rights and responsibilities.

 The School Rules

  1. Be in the right place – be safe
  2. We do as we are asked
  3. We speak politely to everyone
  4. We do not hurt anyone
  5. We respect other people's possessions and property
  6. We do not swear


  • To be able to teach and learn and make the most of the opportunities available.
  • To be treated with respect.
  • To be safe emotionally and physically.
  • To have a pleasant environment in which to teach and learn.


  • To allow others to teach and learn.
  • To treat each other with respect.
  • To ensure the safety of all people in the school community.
  • To look after our own and other peoples’ belongings.
  • To look after school – furniture, equipment and environment.

 School Council

The School Council is a pupil body whose aim is to promote the best interests of the school and to provide experience of the democratic process for all of its members.

At the beginning of every term, a representative is elected from each class. The representative then attends fortnightly meetings, where items supported by a majority of a class are discussed. The representative is responsible for relaying the events of the meeting back to the class.