“Science is essential for us in our everyday lives and for the future of our planet.”

Science helps us to feed the world, fuel the world and maintain our health. There are a vast number of employment opportunities associated with Science ranging from A to Z, e.g. an aircraft fitter in the RAF, automobile engineer and agricultural worker through the construction industry, forestry, food technology firms, horticulture, health service, water industry employee, and zookeeper.

At Portal House School, Science is taught by specialist teachers in a well-equipped, modern laboratory.

KS3 – Pupils follow the National Curriculum Framework for Science. This helps them to develop practical skills and cognitive abilities for life in the twenty-first century.  The lessons are modified and tailored to meet the individual needs of our pupils.

KS4 – The students follow the Edexcel specification for the new 9-1 GCSE exams.

The students study Entry Level in year 9, GCSE Biology in year 10 and GCSE Physics in year 11. There are two exams for each GCSE subject; both lasting 1hour 45 minutes and these are taken at the end of the year that the subject is studied. As part of each subject the students are required to complete 8 core practical’s and the findings and methodology of these will form 15% of the marks for that subject. Throughout the course students are encouraged to engage in additional practical activities and investigative work to help embed the course content and foster their enthusiasm for science.

Yr 7 -11 pathway –Science Learning Journey

Biology Yr 10 – Biology-learning-journey

Physics Yr 11 – Physics-learning-journey

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