On behalf of the Governors of Portal House: “Welcome”

Every school in the UK has a school governing body. This is a group of elected volunteers who are interested in supporting pupil development and achievement and supporting the school staff.

Governors have a legal duty to give oversight to the management of a school to ensure that high standards of learning, safety and wellbeing, both of pupils and staff, are kept and that improvement and excellence are always in focus. Governors undertake their responsibilities by requiring schools to be accountable for their practices and outcomes. They are both supportive to school leaders and provide thoughtful challenges around possible areas for improvement.

At Portal House School the Governing team is focused on the pupils the school serves. All Portal House pupils deserve the best chances and preparation for their adult life through being offered a robust learning environment that fosters their capabilities to reflect, communicate and to learn.  Portal House pupils have their own special needs and we think of them as special young people who can all achieve if we all work together in their best interests. We each bring our professional and life skills to our Governance duties and are pleased to serve the school.

Specifically we:

  • Use a combination of reports, visits, data analysis and other activities and information to monitor the progress of the school.
  • Contribute to and review the school development plan and use this document as one of the key resources for setting priorities and monitoring school development.
  • Develop and review a range of written policies and procedures to address both statutory requirements and local priorities.

If you have any questions please do contact us at the school address.

The Governing Team – please click Governors Information and Responsibilities 23-24 to download a copy of the Governors List which shows their information and duties.