Food Technology

Portal House has a new purpose built kitchen, which includes three ovens, two fridges, a microwave and all equipment needed to cook safely. 

There are 6 work stations, enabling students to work in pairs.


Food Technology is an exciting and creative subject to study as it involves ‘learning-by-doing’.

All pupils have a 1 hour lesson per week, during this time theory and practical work is covered.  The Food Technology department recognises the importance of life skills for our pupils and therefore, we do all practical work as we feel this is invaluable.  We also recognise theory work is important as pupils need to know essential information which is carried out through practical means. The topics include:

  • Hygiene and Safety.
  • Healthy Eating/ The Eat well Guide.
  • Recipe Adaption.
  • Nutrition.
  • Ethics/Environmental Issues.
  • Food Ingredients and Production.

Recognising the moral, cultural and environmental issues related to food

We provide opportunities for the pupils to develop their capability through product analysis and focused practical tasks, that develop a range of skills, processes and knowledge. They will further develop the key skills of communication, application of number, working with others, problem solving, organisation and improving their own learning through their practical work.