Public Services

“As we serve others we are working on ourselves; every act, every word, every gesture of genuine compassion naturally nourishes our own hearts as well.”


Public Services is a two year course which is studied in Key Stage 4.  Students will follow the BTEC Award Level 1 and Level 2 in Public Services.  The course consists of three units of coursework, which will be completed in class and assessed internally.. The units covered are: Unit 2, Working Skills in the Public Service Sector; Unit 3,  Employment in the Public Services; Unit 5, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle for the Public Services. They will sit an external Exam in year 11. The exam unit is; Unit 1, The Role and Work of the Public Services. Students will get the chance to take part in school trips to develop public service skills such as team work, communication skills and fitness levels. 

Year 10

In year 10 students will study unit 3 and unit 2.  Unit 3 will give the students an understanding of the wide range of very different career paths available within public services, and will give them an insight into how the application and selection process works within recruitment. It will also teach them the skills needed on how to research, apply and complete application paperwork. Unit 2 will give the students a chance to see first hand what working skills are needed to work as a team, and to be a valued and effective communicator. All the skills developed in this unit will help the students become employable young adults and positive contributors to the community they live in.

Year 11

In their final year of studying all students will sit the external exam for unit 1 in January and then complete unit 5 alongside it.  Completing the exam in January will allow students the chance to get their exam unit completed early, so that they can then focus on completing the coursework, whilst also allowing them the option to resit the exam in the summer of year 11, if they wish to improve their grade. Unit 5 works nicely against the exam unit as it is developing the students’ understanding of what it means to be healthy and gives them useful knowledge that will help them make healthy life choices in their own lives. We also encourage students to take part in school activity trips to teach them new skills and get them out of their comfort zone.


This course not only gives the students a chance to learn real life skills that can be put straight into a vocational setting, but also opens up the choices to a very wide career path within public sector industries. Students can continue to study public services at college, progress on to apprenticeships or focus on A levels that will support them in their chosen field of expertise. This course gives all students the opportunity to develop their real life working skills to help them become resilient, resourceful and well balanced adults.

Year 10 and Year 11BTEC Level 1 & 2 Award in Public Services – Learning Journey

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