Staff List

HeadteacherMrs R Bradley
Assistant Head Mr J Murphy
Assistant Head & SENCOMrs J Cador
Assistant Head & ICT Subject Leader Mr P Saxton
 Assistant Head & Maths Subject Leader Mr D Hill 
Maths Teacher Mr R Heaps
English Subject Leader Mrs S May
English TeacherMiss J Grilli
Science Subject Leader Miss C  Bradley
Science TeacherMr D Morgan
PE Subject Leader Mr J Castle
Art & Design and DT Subject LeaderMiss M Craggs
Religious Education & PSHE & Sex and Relationships EducationMrs W Finn
Geography Subject Leader Mr K Renihan
Food Technology TeacherMrs H Rowarth
Key Stage 3 TeacherMr S O'Brien
Teacher Mr M Bradley

Public Services and KS3 ICT Teacher

Miss R Fagg
English Subject TA Miss D Chandler
Science Subject TA (VACANT)
Maths Subject TAMiss N Weaver
Art & Design & DT TAMiss S Carter 
PE Subject TA Mrs B Phillips
Attendance & Inclusion TAMiss D Russell
General TA & Work Experience Mrs K Crossland
Class Based 1:1 TA

Mr W Morley 

Mrs V Stirland

Mrs M Arthur

7SO Class Based TA 

Miss L Turner

Miss K Dobson

7WF Class Based TA 

Miss K Whitnall

Miss S Oasgood-White

8JC Class Based TA

Miss R Stephens 

Mrs V Stirland

8KR Class Based TA Mr T Malpass
9CB Class Based TA Mr J Stewart 
9BR Class Based TA Mrs V Clewlow
10 MC Class Based TA Miss S Carter
10 JG Class Based TA Miss E Marney
10 SM Class Based TA Mr L Sheerer 
11 DH Class Based TAMr B Allon
11 PS Class Based TAMiss E Gore
11 RH Class Based TAMiss V Ives
CounsellorMrs T Fox
School SecretaryMrs Z McGuinness
Finance ManagerMrs L Lever
Caretaker/ Site ManagerMr J Doble
Chef Manager Mr K Warriner
Kitchen Assistant Mrs A Craker
Exam Officer Mr D Morgan
Exam Assistant Mrs K Crossland
Cleaners 4x Part time