Local and Wider Community

Links with the Local and Wider Community

Portal House actively pursues community links with the village of St. Margaret’s and the surrounding Dover/Deal area.

The school frequently welcomes a range of visitors to the school to enhance the curriculum and education experiences of the pupils.

Portal House is an active member of the Dover, Deal and Sandwich District Schools’ Forum and greatly benefits from the support it receives through this network. The school has established several curriculum links with a variety of secondary schools in the area.

European and Global Links

International School Award

On September 1st 2005, Portal House School was awarded an International School Award. This was in recognition of all our link school activities and European dimensions to our curriculum.

Our link schools are:

  • Strandloper in Belgium
  • St. Pol in France
  • Forderschule in Germany
  • Vuvu School in South Africa

 Programme of Events

Spring Term 2011

December 2nd - Visit Strandloper School, Belgium

Festive activities and entertainment surrounding traditions of St. Nicholas. Portal House to offer music entertainment in the afternoon performance session. Exchange of Christmas Cards and small festive gifts.

March 15th - Portal House

Olympic style activities programme for the day, where the guests visiting school join KS3 classes to complete various tasks.

Exchange of Olympic Medals and torches for participating in various activities.

Summer Term 2012

April 18th - Visit to St.Pol School, France

Easter traditions across Europe style activity day. Exchange Easter Cards and small Easter gifts.

June 11th – 15th - Residential week in France.