“Science is essential for us in our everyday lives and for the future of our planet.”

Science helps us to feed the world, fuel the world and maintain our health. There are a vast number of employment opportunities associated with Science ranging from A to Z, e.g. an aircraft fitter in the RAF, automobile engineer and agricultural worker through the construction industry, forestry, food technology firms, horticulture and health service to veterinary nurse, water industry employee, and zookeeper.

At Portal House School, Science is taught by specialist teachers and technician in a well-equipped, modern laboratory.

KS3 – Pupils follow the National Curriculum Framework for Science. This helps them to develop practical skills and cognitive abilities for life in the twenty-first century.  The lessons are modified and tailored to meet the individual needs of our pupils.

KS4  - The students follow the AQA Science A Specification, providing “Real Science for a Real World”. This leads to a single GCSE award in Science. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught as discrete units and throughout the course candidates are encouraged to engage in a wide range of practical and investigative work. In Year 11 separate exams in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taken, together with the Controlled Assessment. Each exam paper is 1 hour long and contains structured questions.