At Portal House School Mathematics is used to communicate ideas and to equip pupils with the necessary skills to deal with a range of practical tasks they will encounter in everyday life. We aim to ensure all students leave Portal House School with a qualification in Maths that reflects their Mathematical ability and enables them to access further education. We want our students to appreciate the importance of numeracy skills, enjoy their learning and be able to apply their skills to enhance their everyday life.

Our approach is to use the strengths and positive aspects of each child, both in their academic learning and socialisation skills. The mathematics department acknowledges the varied and changing requirements of the pupils and their Additional Educational Needs, pupils are taught, as appropriate, using a variety of resources and styles.

Teaching considers the demands of the National Curriculum and externally accredited courses with work being suitably differentiated by staff, to enable pupils to access and develop the numeracy skills they need. The department is very fortunate to have a number of highly experienced, well-qualified teachers and support staff both full and part-time. We offer a range of Maths qualifications and follow flexible schemes of work. This reflects the varying needs, abilities and challenges of our young people.

Mathematical skills and knowledge will be applied, reinforced and extended making links, where appropriate, with other curriculum areas. These curriculum links are evident on the Scheme of Work Route Maps and in the shared document detailing cross curricular skills. Key cross curricular subjects are ICT, Science, Food Technology and Geography, but demonstrated in other areas across the curriculum.

As a department we are committed to the philosophy that each pupil should: –

  • Have a positive experience of learning Mathematics.

  • Show continuous progression and improvement.

  • Achieve their full potential.

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