Key Stage 3 Humanities

During Key Stage 3, pupils study Geography and History. These are taught independently of each other

The Humanities department at Portal House tries to ensure that students have fun whilst they are learning about the world around them and how society has developed over time. We try to give students the opportunity to be as involved in their own learning as possible. Therefore, we expect students to think for themselves and encourage them to take risks. Our aim in Humanities is to enable students to develop into knowledgeable and independent people. We are always willing to use new and exciting techniques to provide our classes with enjoyable and informative lessons.

Key Subject aims

  • To engage students in the process of History and Geography and to develop them as effective independent learners.
  • Using Humanities to make all students reflective and critical thinkers with enquiring minds.
  • To develop their knowledge and understanding of geographical and historical concepts in the contexts of our changing world.
  • To appreciate the importance of location of places and environments from local to global.
  • To foster an understanding of historical knowledge and thinking, which may lead to critical thinking?
  • To appreciate the differences and similarities of people`s views of the world.
  • To understand the importance of values and attitudes.
  • To develop in them responsibilities as global citizens.
  • To use geographical and historical skills, appropriate technologies,  enquiry and analysis