Film Studies

At KS4 pupils are given the opportunity to study GCSE Film Studies.

The course is over two years. It includes 50% coursework and 50% examination.

The course is designed to build on pupils’ personal experience of film as a consumer and creator, and to encourage them to investigate and develop their understanding and knowledge of the relationship between the film industry and film audiences. It also deepens understanding of GCSE English.

The aim of the course is to place students’ experiences and ideas at the centre of the specification allowing pupils to explore a wide range of films and to learn through their own creative work.

The specification is organised into three inter-related areas:

  • Film language
  • Film organisation
  • Film audiences

The coursework is divided into 4 areas;

  1. Exploring a film of the candidate’s choice.
    Pupils research their chosen film looking at the micro features of film language in a short extract.
  2. Pitch and Preproduction.
    This requires pupils to create a pitch for an imaginary film and then use it to form a basis of  Preproduction.
  3. Production.
    Create a production chosen from a range of options.
  4. Evaluation and analysis.
    A brief analysis highlighting what candidates have learnt about the main areas of study for film.