Design Technology

Woodwork student

Pupils at Portal House have one lesson each week in DT aiming to:

  • Provide pupils with valuable hands on experience, which will benefit them in future life.
  • Give pupils confidence to use their own ideas and designs.
  • Allow pupils to use and understand power tools in a supervised setting, and also to understand the dangers and benefits of usage.
  • For pupils to use Maths and English through Design and building products.

In Year 7, pupils are given a basic introduction to workshop safety and the importance of using the equipment correctly, including Health & Safety.  They also work towards gaining their ‘tool passport’ whereby they must prove they can correctly and safely use each tool before being signed off.  They start with a range of small projects to give them confidence in design and tool safety.

In Year 8, pupils move onto gaining a better understanding of the design process involved with day to day objects.  They learn about cost of materials and the effects on the environment.  They are given a selection of different projects that are fun, but also highlight the importance of the design process.


In Year 9, pupils are set more challenging design specifications and are expected to have greater confidence with tools and materials which will enable them to come up with more elaborate and detailed designs and finished products.

In years 10 and 11 DT lessons are aimed at teaching the pupils more practical skills which will benefit them in their adult lives at home or at work.  The pupils are taught a range of tasks such as fitting door hinges, door handles and locks, useful wood joints, putting up shelves and  the correct procedure of preparation of timber products for painting.

We are also hoping in the near future to set up facilities for the pupils in Year 10 and 11 to learn basic patch plastering, tiling, plasterboarding and hanging doors.