Careers Programme

2018-19 Current PHS Careers Offer
  During Yr7During Yr8During Yr9During Yr10During Yr11
2023 Leavers Current yr7KS3 Assemblies - links to careers - outside visitors in to discuss careers with studentsCitizenship (KR) 1hr/2wks    
2022 Leavers Current yr8KS3 Assemblies - links to careers - outside visitors in to discuss careers with studentsPHSE
(KR) 2hr/2weeks
(KR) 1hr/2weeks
2021 Leavers Current yr9KS3 Assemblies - links to careers - outside visitors in to discuss careers with studentsCitizenship (WF)   1hr/2wksPHSE
(KR) 2hr/2weeks
(KR) 1hr/2weeks
2020 Leavers Current yr10KS4 Assemblies - links to careers - outside visitors in to discuss careers with studentsCitizenship
(PS & WF)   1hr/wk
Citizenship (WF)   1hr/2wksCitizenship
(PS) 1hr/2wks

WEX (Seal of Approval) (JM)
PHSE (PS) Workskills BTEC 1hr/2wks

2019 Leavers Current yr11KS4 Assemblies - links to careers - outside visitors in to discuss careers with students visits out to Jobs Fairs run by the The Event Office in accordance with the LEACitizenship (SAS) 1hr/wkCitizenship (WF) 1hr/wkCitizenship
WEX (Seal of Approval) (JM)
PHSE (PS) Workskills BTEC 1hr/2wks
BTEC Workskills (PS) 
1to1 support with UCAS applications             Supported visits & TASTER days to post 16 placements

Work Experience

All Year 10 pupils participate in a one week block work experience placement of their choice.  This is organised by the School in conjunction with Seal Of Approval.

The work experience week is in May before GCSE examinations start. This year it is 29 April - 3 May.

Mr J Murphy is the current lead in Careers for the school and overseas the WEX & Transition to post 16. Should any parents/carers/careers related queries need to contact Mr Murphy, please contact the school on 01304 853033.

Careers policy currently being updated. Next review June 2019.

CEIAG Careers - What We Do at Portal House

In accordance with the 2018 Department for Education Careers Strategy, Portal House School functions to support each student (designated as SEMH) in their secondary education phase. Focus and support is given so every student has the opportunity to attain an individualised post 16 pathway with the aim for all students to access a suitable career path. Portal House places great importance on supporting and guiding all students in planning their educational and career pathway.  We want students to go as far as their talents will take them and to have a rewarding career.  All staff at Portal House work collaboratively to advise and guide each student on to their desired career choice with the education, information, advice and guidance they require to understand the range of opportunities available to them in today’s economy. If it not possible for them to acquire the skills and qualifications they need to succeed in the workplaces of the future here at Portal House then they are given accurate and up to date, impartial information for them to make the right choices for post 16 development. Using their educational achievements from Portal House as their foundation.


Every student is encouraged to discover courses that would best suit their needs. 

  1. Students are encouraged to talk with their parents/carers, teachers and Careers Adviser about the best option for THEM
  2. Students are encouraged to do their research – use the websites and other sources of information to help make THEIR decision
  3. This is the first time in their lives where they are making a huge decision, its THEIR decision.
  4. Aim high, we have every confidence in THEM.  Challenge THEMSELVES and go for it!
  5. This year is important, don’t lose sight of their GCSE exams, the grades matter when it comes to their next step


Focus – what are your expectations, aspirations, do you have an idea of career choice?

Information – have you done your research, looked at labour market information, thought about training and qualifications, universities?

Realistic – are their thoughts realistic? Do you want to be a tomato picker but they are colour blind? If you don’t want to leave home what options are there locally for you or is the sky the limit?

Scope – how far can you go in their chosen career, are you aiming at the right pitch, have they thought about how far you can go in this field?

Tactics – moving forward, what next, what does the development of this idea look like?

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)


We will inspire and engage our students in planning their own career path and increase their motivation to aim high using appropriate labour market information and online tools. We will engage with a number of employers and other organisations, including colleges and apprenticeship providers in a range of ways to give students real life experiences of the world of work. We will inspire students to achieve their maximum potential in order to give them the opportunities they aspire to both academically, personally and in relation to their future.


Assistant Headteacher to oversee the delivery of CEIAG imbedded into the PHSE curriculum for KS3 & KS4.

Staff with responsibility for teaching PHSE to liaise with Assistant Headteacher with regards Careers matters.

Assistant to organise 1to1 UCAS applications leading up to Annual Review day for year 11s (Scheduled for Nov of their year 11).

Assistant Headteacher (and any other staff who wish to) to organise outside careers, FE, apprenticeship speakers to come in to give talks and offer guidance to students. This to be liaised with member of staff responsible for organising weekly assemblies.

A planned progressive programme of activities supports our students throughout years 7 to 11.  It provides guidance and gives students the confidence to choose pathways that suit their interests and abilities.  The programme’s aim is to raise aspirations and support students to achieve their full potential but importantly it is there to help students pursue relevant and realistic goals for education, training and work and sustain employability throughout their working lives.

All staff at Portal House School contribute to the development of each student through a planned series of events delivered through the PHSE curriculum, enrichment programmes, visits, trips, assemblies and special events as well as within individual departments and through form time. All staff encourage the relevance of their subject specialism to a potential career pathway.

Our careers provision is influenced strongly by the Gatsby Benchmarks (a framework of 8 guidelines about what makes the best careers provision in schools) so that we as a school can offer the best we can in Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

 The eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

To measure our progress towards achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks we utilise tools such as ‘Compass’ and obtain feedback from students, staff, parents, employers and Governors throughout the year.

Portal House School encourages all students to learn to self-improve as learners and foster positive attitudes to lifelong learning as well as learn the skills of planning, review and reflection. For students to learn about a wide range of careers and the world of work. To investigate jobs and labour market information (LMI), particularly in the local area and to learn to value equality, diversity and inclusion within the British society, and establishing long lasting relationships with local employers. 


Business Banquets – each year Portal House School is planning to organise Business Banquets – professionals and local employers are invited into school to dine with our students and share their career experiences and labour market information

Professionals Day – every year Portal House School is planning to organise class groups to take part in this whole (or part day) day event.  Local employers are invited in to take part.  Students work in tutor group teams to try to work out what each employer does for a living by asking them insightful and interesting questions.

Seminars – take part in Key Stage assemblies where Apprenticeship partnership experts are invited in from The Education People & key personnel from local colleges are invited in to talk about post 16 choices.


All local colleges and post 16 providers, including apprenticeship providers, are invited in to speak to year 10 & 11 as a whole in Key stage Assemblies.  These organisations are also invited in for academic review days and events to speak to parents/carers.

Seal of Approval offer bespoke Work Experience placements for each students and 1 to 1 work experience guidance and feedback.

The Education People also offer 1to1 bespoke meetings to discuss the option of apprenticeships with year 10 and year 11 students.

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